Nov. 26, 2019 - To improve the security of your myCI account, your Information Security team has introduced a 2-Factor Verification solution for individuals to use when logging into their campus accounts. Faculty and staff have already begun to utilize this solution and the rollout will continue for faculty and staff.

What is 2-Factor Verification?
2-Factor Verification provides a second layer of security. When logging into a system, you use your normal myCI account and password, then use a mobile phone app or passcode token to verify your access.

By combining something you know (your account and password) with something you have (your mobile device or passcode token), you can protect your login to your account from remote attacks if your credentials are compromised.

Why do you need 2-Factor Verification?
User IDs and passwords are more valuable than ever and are increasingly easy to compromise. Over 90% of breaches today involve compromised credentials. 2-Factor Verification enhances the security of your account by combining something you know with something you have. This prevents anyone but you from accessing your account even if they know your password.

For more information contact Neal Fisch at 805-437-3278 or

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