Campus Refresh Project

During the fall semester, Operations, Planning, & Construction (OPC) has been working on the Campus Refresh Project which involves repainting buildings and planting new landscapes. OP&C just recently finished repainting the buildings along Santa Barbara Street and are starting on the landscaping in that area. OP&C plans to continue this project on University Drive in the upcoming weeks. With new paint and landscaping, the campus will have a rejuvenated feeling that students, staff and faculty will be sure to notice.

  • Before

  • After

For more information on the Campus Refresh Project, contact Briana Linares, OP&C, at ext. 3507 or

What is Zipcar at CI?

Talk to any of our 75 members here at CI and they’ll tell you: Zipcar is “wheels when you want them!” Cars by the hour/day, on-demand 24/7, all inclusive for students, faculty, staff and University Glen residents.

Fuel, insurance, maintenance, roadside assistance and reserved campus parking are all included for a $25 annual membership fee - plus we’ll credit you $35 in free driving in your first 30 days. Rates are as low as $7/hour - $66/day weekdays and $8/hour - $72/day weekends.

Vehicles are in two CI locations: Town Center and Lot A-5 between Anacapa and Santa Cruz Villages.

  • Join! Apply online TODAY. It only takes a few minutes. Once you’re approved, you get your very own Zipcard in the mail. CI students, faculty, staff and University Glen residents only have to be 18+ to join Zipcar.
  •  Reserve! You can reserve a vehicle for one hour up to 4 days, a minute before, or a year in advance. Members can make reservations six different ways including online or over the phone. At the time of the reservation, a wireless signal is sent to the Zipcar.
  • Unlock!  When members arrive at the Zipcar, their Zipcard identifies them and unlocks the door.
  • Drive!  Go where you want. When done, you just return the car to its spot and walk away.

To join Zipcar at CI, go to: Coming soon - Zipcar Departmental Accounts! For more information, contact Deanne Ellison, Transportation & Parking Services, at ext. 3151 or

CI Police partners with WeTip

CI’s Police Department is partnered with the non-profit organization WeTip for reporting anonymous crimes that may occur here on campus.  WeTip contact can be made by phone at 1(800)78-CRIME or online at

To Report a Crime:

1. Contact WeTip; the first words you will hear from the tip operator will be, “This is the WeTip crime line.  Please do not give your name.” A code name and number is assigned to each caller, who will remain absolutely anonymous.

2. The WeTip operator will take the information and pass it on to appropriate law enforcement officials who then conduct their own investigation.  Only calls made directly to WeTip will be eligible for a cash reward.

3. Up to $1,000 cash will be given upon verified reports from law enforcement that WeTip information was received prior to the arrest and that the tip resulted in an arrest and conviction, and will depend upon the importance of the crime solved.  The caller’s identity will never be known to WeTip or law enforcement. No personal contact is ever made with the original caller.

For more information, please contact Cpl. Kevin Medley, Crime Prevention Coordinator, at ext. 8444 or

The Nautical Yearbook available for purchase

Buy The Nautical Yearbook with your PayPal account! This 160-page book is full of colorful photos that capture priceless memories made throughout your year, and now it is easier than ever to take one home for yourself. To buy your book, simply go to, where you will be able to purchase a copy via PayPal.

The 2010/2011 book is currently available online as well!  Don’t worry cash and checks are still accepted as well.  College moments pass by in the blink of an eye, but let The Nautical Yearbook help you keep these memories for the rest of your life!

For more information, contact ext. 3121 or

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