CI Students receive NSF Noyce Grants

The NSF Noyce grants at CI is pleased to announce students who received $10,000 scholarships this year to study mathematics. These students are interested in mathematics education and plan to become mathematics teachers. They will work on various projects to enhance their skills and mathematical knowledge and culture at CI and in the local communities.

Michael Adame  - Liberal Studies - Foundational Mathematics Minor - $10,000

Danielle Hartley - Liberal Studies - Foundational Mathematics Minor - $10,000

Amanda Hawes -   Mathematics Major - $10,000

Amanda Mayfield   - Liberal Studies - Foundational Mathematics Minor - $10,000

Eric Pham -  Mathematics Major - $10,000

Bethany Rogers - Mathematics Major - $10,000

Jennifer Waters  - Mathematics Credential - $10,000

Rana Kalaj - Mathematics Credential- $5,000 (for one semester)

For additional information contact Ivona Grzegorczyk, Professor of Mathematics, at ext.8868 or

CI Waterfront Program Receives Grant

For the fourth consecutive year the CI Waterfront Program has been awarded an Aquatic Center Grant through the Department of Boating and Waterways (DBW).  This year’s $41,000 grant award will assist the Waterfront Program in maintaining a diverse fleet of boats, offering free instructional classes to students, and provides scholarships for participants in the Youth Watersports Camp during the summer.

The Aquatic Center Grant was established for nonprofit agencies that provide on-the-water boating safety education and instruction to the general public.  Annually more than forty three Aquatic Centers apply for the funding that is administered by the U.S. Coast Guard Office of Boating Safety in Washington, D.C.

The CI Waterfront Program is a component of Campus Recreation, which was established in 2002; since then it has consistently grown in size. The program, located at Channel Islands Harbor, offers a wide range of boating instruction and safety classes in sailing, kayaking, windsurfing and rowing. These programs can be instructional, leisurely, or competitive in nature, in order to promote and encourage recreational concepts to the whole campus and community.

For additional information contact Joshua Wade, Coordinator of Lifetime Leisure Programs, at ext. 3212 or

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