Web workshops offered during fall semester

Technology & Communication is pleased to announce workshop offerings for the fall 2012 semester. Workshops are being offered on a variety of topics including web accessibility and using EchoCI, the University’s web content management system.  In addition, you will find more information about Atomic Learning, a campus resource that includes short, video based tutorials on a wide range of software applications.

To learn more and register for the workshops visit: http://www.csuci.edu/its/web/workshops.htm

For more information contact Daniel Martinez, Web Services Supervisor, at ext. 3932 or daniel.martinez@csuci.edu

October installment of secureCI now available!

Do you wonder what would happen if you found out any of your devices or accounts had been hacked or worse yet, if you’ve had some personally identifiable information stolen?!

Read this month’s secureCI Information Security Newsletter at http://ciinfosec.blogspot.com and find out some of the ways you can determine that your device, your account information, or your personal information has been HACKED.

For more information contact Neal Fisch, Director of Application Services & Information Security Administrator, at ext. 3278 or neal.fisch@csuci.edu.

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