Volunteers needed for Science Carnival

Volunteers are needed to help at the 2012 Science Carnival to be held Saturday, Nov. 3 from 5 to 8 p.m. at the Thurgood-Marshall Elementary School, 2900 Thurgood Marshall Dr., Oxnard.

CI students, staff and faculty members are encouraged to volunteer to conduct an activity or help with logistics such as first aid, Spanish-English translation, set-up/ tear-down, and other volunteer positions that do not require a science background. For volunteer information and application visit: http://www.csuci.edu/sciencecarnival/volunteer.htm

The Science Carnival is FREE to all! Kids in grades K-8 and their families are welcome to attend and experience hands-on science activities in a Halloween carnival setting.  Over 50 different science activities will be offered including, examining the effect of trajectory and air pressure on the range of a marshmallow shot using an air-powered marshmallow shooter, making lotion or perfume, searching for artifacts in a mock archaeological dig, seeing a gummy bear burn in potassium chlorate as part of the "screaming gummy bear" demonstration, standing inside a giant bubble, and making glow-in-the-dark slime.

For more information contact Sandra Birmingham, Project ACCESO Pipeline and Outreach Coordinator at ext. 3597 or sandra.birmingham@csuci.edu.

CI is now part of the EPA WasteWise program.

CI has recently become a partner in the EPA WasteWise program. This program will help CI reduce its waste and promote sustainable practices.  WasteWise is based through the EPA’s website (my.re-trac.com) where you can enter you waste stream data on a yearly basis. This online tool allows you to break your waste stream down into separate categories such as: plastic recyclables, cardboard, waste, paper, etc. The Re-trac system will hold your uploaded data to compare your yearly data inputs to ensure you are on the path to achieving your chosen diversion goal.

We will also be posting signage on our new waste and recycle bins to educate and promote better recycling habits. With the new signage and bins we hope that this will help CI reach its goal in diverting more of our waste stream away from landfills.

For more information contact Austin Erikkson, OPC Student Assistant, at ext. 3507 or austin.erikkson680@csuci.edu.

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