Cove Bookstore is Ready for New Semester

The Cove Bookstore is pleased to offer competitive pricing on everything from textbooks to basic school supplies. They currently have new, used, digital, and rental textbooks in stock for your spring semester requirements. Digital books are available for rental or full purchase, and you also have the option to purchase a few select chapters of a digital textbook.

The Bookstore is also running their Spring Promo early to keep you warm! Purchase a CI hooded sweatshirt for just $19.95; they are offered in a variety of fun colors: coral, aqua, purple, gray, and black. Sizes range from XS to XXL. Stop by the bookstore today!

For more information, contact Fah Azarmsa, Cove Bookstore Manager, at ext. 8833 or

Walk Across America Winners

During the fall semester, CI’s Walk Across America campaign was a great success! Over 189 employees participated in the annual 10-week fitness contest. Individual daily steps were tracked and added to the team’s total step count in an effort to reach weekly designated cities across the U.S. The ultimate goal was to be the first team to reach Atlantic City, NJ.

Congratulations to the Top Three teams:

First Place – Team UAS (14,800 average steps) Led by Charissa Barnhart
Second Place – Team Puttin’ My Foot Down (14,652 average steps) Led by Liza Ernst
Third Place – Team Just HRE it! (14,087 average steps) Led by Elizabeth Miller

Other participating teams included: The Walking Dead, Walk the Write Way, Team RASCA, Muller’s Milers, Every Step EU take, Agony of De Feet, Psychology Club 2, Between a Walk and a Hard Pace, Team #1, and the Psychology Club 1.

Congratulations to everyone who joined in the campaign with a special shout-out to the team captains for a job well done!

For more information, contact Janet Korsmo, HR Programs Support Assistant, at ext. 3181 or

Employee Wellness Corner

Despite our best efforts, many of us may have over-indulged in our favorite foods during the holiday season. Here are four simple tips to get back on track and keep that New Year’s resolution!

  1. Don't get discouraged by holiday weight gain -- even if you overdid it, it won't destroy your health goals. In fact, you may unconsciously reduce your intake as the new year begins. When those cocktail party invitations stop coming, often so do the temptations.
  2. Up your fruit and vegetable intake -- you should consume at least five fruit and vegetable servings per day. These vitamin-rich foods boost your fiber and antioxidant intake and help you feel full.
  3. Pre-arrange exercise time -- most will stick to a regimen, if it is scheduled. Try to get in 30 minutes every day. Exercising in the morning increases the chance you will!
  4. Resist depriving yourself -- focus on what you're going to eat rather than what you're not and concentrate on ways to feed yourself with nutritious food. Both of these help you stick to healthy eating habits. For example, don't skip a nutritious, protein and fiber-rich breakfast to save on calories. Consuming that breakfast may help prevent overeating later.

For more information, contact Janet Korsmo, HR Programs Support Assistant, at ext. 3181 or

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