Event-Related Submissions

Upcoming University event-related announcements must include date, time, location, details/description of the event, and a contact person.  Complete and submit this Upcoming University event-related announcements form to have your event-related announcement included in Wavelength.  Post-event photos can also be submitted with a brief caption to appear in a subsequent issue of Wavelength.

Submit an event-related announcement

Announcement Submissions

Announcements for University-related awards, news or other information are also accepted.  Complete and submit this Announcements for University-related awards form to have your announcement included in the next issue of Wavelength.

Submit an award or news announcement


Wavelength is the University’s online newsletter published bi-weekly during the fall and spring semesters by the Communication & Marketing office.  CI students, faculty or staff who have University-related news, announcements, or events (open to the campus community and/or public), may submit the information using one of the forms outlined above.  Questions may be directed to:

Kristin Steiner

Wavelength Assistant Editor

Joanna Murphy

Wavelength Editor

Topic Areas


  • University updates or accomplishments
  • Unique academic or student news to share


  • University-sponsored
  • Employee Union activities/events


  • General HR notices or announcements
  • Division or department announcements, change in hours, services, etc.
  • Town Center tenants may submit 1 or 2 events per semester only, that are specifically geared to the CI community


  • 1-2 photographs with brief captions (1 or 2 brief sentences) that highlight awards, campus events/activities, or community service within the past couple weeks.

Submission Criteria

  1. 200 words or less written in paragraph form
  2. Links to event or area/dept web pages are encouraged.
  3. One or two photographs (optional).
  4. Event details to include: day of the week, date, time, location, cost, RSVP or contact info
  5. Flyers or attachments may not substitute for written information.
  6. Deadline for submissions are Mondays, 5 p.m. the week of publication.
  7. A maximum inclusion for an article will be twice in any Wavelength issue, i.e. a save the date, or reminder of an event, activity, etc. Requestor shall determine the publish dates according to the Wavelength schedule.

Style/Format Notes

  • Direct quotes will not be included in articles.
  • Academic degrees will not be included, e.g. Ph.D., M.A., M.S., B.A., B.S.
  • Each article should conclude with: For additional information contact (name), (institutional title), at ext. (####) or (email).  Institutional titles should always be capitalized before or after a name.
  • External events unrelated to the University may not be included unless sponsored by CI.
  • Personal news or items for sale will not be published


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