2018 Inaugural Cohort

  • Dana Lee Baker - Associate Professor - Political Science
  • Raquel Baker - Assistant Professor - English
  • Anna Benscoter - Manager, Student Business Services
  • Rosario Cuevas - Operations Support Analyst
  • Pam Dean - Communications Specialist
  • Ernesto Guerrero - Director of Academic Advising
  • Ritchie LeRoy - Senior Director of University Development
  • Mary McDonnell - Support Analyst to the Chief of Staff
  • Michael McGarry - Instructional Technology Lead 
  • Robin Mitchell - Assistant Professor - History
  • Wendy Olson - HR Manager, Talent Management
  • Dianne Wei - Budget and Operations Analyst

Cohort Members Selection Process

Cohorts will be comprised of full-time faculty, staff and administrators.  With support of their supervisor, candidates will apply through an online application process.  To ensure varying viewpoints and professional experiences, each Cohort will include professionals from each Division within the University.  Up to twelve individuals will form a Cohort.  For the inaugural year, Cabinet will select the Cohort.  For future years, the previous year’s Cohorts will be charged with selecting the following year’s Cohort.