2017 Awardees

  • Alyssa Ayudante

    Major: Chemistry, Biochemistry Option

    "Living only fifteen minutes away, I was no stranger to CSU Channel Islands. I was so close to CI, in fact, that I almost overlooked it. Like most high school seniors, I was struggling to choose a university that was a perfect fit for me. I was fortunate enough to have two state universities offer to fund my pursuit of a higher education through scholarships. Being selected as a Presidential Scholar for CSU Channel Islands was not only a financial blessing, but a sigh of relief. It made me realize what I was looking for was only a short drive away. Channel Island’s enthusiasm for learning and dedication to its students makes this university unlike the rest. Due to the intimate class sizes and attentive professors, students are exposed to an environment that encourages academic growth. Channel Islands puts its students first. I don’t feel as if my only purpose is to fill a seat in a classroom. Professors are willing to invest time and effort into us because they care. I consider myself extremely lucky to be a part of a campus that supports and inspires its students to reach bigger. As I start my first semester at Channel Islands, I have never been more confident that I made the right decision. I see with my own eyes that the sense of community exhibited by the students and faculty is this university’s most valuable asset. As I embrace this wonderful opportunity, I aim to represent Channel Islands with the same initiative and collaborative energy that embodies this beautiful campus."

  • Iris Perez

    Major: Pre-Nursing

    "Since I could remember, attending a University has eternally been my central goal. Certainly not all my goals are academic but education is remarkably crucial to succeed, that it made attaining a degree my top priority. During my senior year of high school, the questions I most inquired were, "What do you plan to study?" and "What school will you attend?" I've always had a passion and desire to become a nurse but I never quite knew what school I would attend. I came across Cal State Channel Islands while searching "Top nursing university's in California," I was impressed with the beauty, diversity, academics and faculty. CSUCI had become my dream school and I quickly applied, got accepted, and immediately submitted my intent to enroll. Along this process I was applying to numerous scholarships, along with the ones offered by CI. At the moment I didn't realize I was applying for the Presidential Scholarship, although I'm delighted I did. Receiving the call from the Office of the President informing me that I was selected to be one of the President’s Scholars, was the greatest honor I have yet to receive in my lifetime. I am blessed to have the support of my school, family and, predominantly, God. I am proud to be a Dolphin and cannot wait to fulfill my goals at CSUCI."

2016 Awardee

  • David Figg

    Major: Business

    "Because I lived in Oxnard my whole life, Channel Islands seemed too close to home to have a large influence on my college choice. Looking back, I should have never doubted the University by the sea. With a very close knitted community, Channel Islands feels like home from the very start. Never once have I felt intimidated by any peer or teacher. Channel Islands is a place to bloom into the independent student I aspire to be. With a multicultural approach and integrated learning, I feel CI creates a well-rounded student that is ready to face real world quandaries. Besides the interesting and involved courses, there are faculty who are caring of student’s academic affairs and futures. Not to mention how beautiful the campus is. Surrounded by rolling hills and amazing sunsets, Channel Islands creates a unique environment that motivates and inspires."

2015 Awardees

  • Noelle Abe

    Major: Computer Science

    "All my life, the question was not if I would attend college but where I would attend college. When my dad told me about Channel Islands over the dinner table, a small part of me immediately relaxed, because I already knew that this was the right place for me. Not only were the class sizes small (perfect for a previously home-schooled student) and the campus close to my house, and with a new building dedicated to STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics), called Sierra Hall, was also being built. One of the first things that I noticed when I walked onto the campus was the greenness; there were plants everywhere! And, now that I'm attending classes, I appreciate the shade of the trees even more, especially during the warm months. My overall experience here at CI has been excellent. From the quality of education to the small class sizes to the white grand piano in Malibu Hall, this college feels as if it were tailored just for me. My three siblings all plan to learn at a higher level of education, so the President's Scholarship was an enormous blessing to us all. I am extremely honored to be the first California Resources Corporation President's Scholar. I look forward to growing as a person, through both leadership opportunities and community service."

  • paisley

    Paisley Meir

    Major: English

    "When I started my college search I had no idea what to expect, let alone what I wanted out of a university. I, along with my parents, embarked on the long and fearful hunt for the perfect college: however, my hunt was cut short. From the moment I stepped onto CI's beautiful campus, I knew I was home. When I stepped out of the car and felt the cool Camarillo wind, I knew right then that this was the place that was not only going to be my "school," but that was also going to be the place where I grow and turn into the person I am supposed to be. As Martin Buber said, we have moments and experiences in our lives that we can't fully explain, otherwise known as "I-Thou” moments, and walking onto campus for me, was one of those indescribable moments that just felt like home. Unlike at most Universities, I am not just a number here. I am a person who the faculty and students actually take the time to both teach and get to know, which in my opinion, is one of the most important aspects a school could have. In my short time here, I have already created a home, and formed a family with not only my peers, co-workers, and professors, but also with all of CI. As a Freshman, I realize that I have not even started to fully understand everything that CI has to offer me, but what I do know is that we are family, and what more could I ask for from a school?"