The mission of the Center for Multicultural Learning and Engagement (CMLE) is to create and sustain a campus climate in and out of the classroom that values and promotes all forms of diversity. It challenges students, staff, and faculty to commit to diversity as a source of renewal and vitality that empowers them to change the culture and the world through civic action.

The Center for Multicultural Learning and Engagement promotes working to end all forms of oppression and toward a just society so that all people can exist with equality and respect.

The objectives of the Center for Multicultural Learning and Engagement are to:

  • promote and support efforts to incorporate multicultural perspectives across the curriculum;
  • act as a resource for multicultural scholarship and pedagogy for faculty, students and staff/administrators;
  • articulate the nature of multiculturalism;
  • document its importance for CI;
  • maintain a communication network for the exchange of scholarly and pedagogical information on multicultural study among faculty and administrators in undergraduate and graduate education;
  • enhance research and teaching in multicultural studies by promoting the development of multicultural theory, methodology, and curricular design;
  • provide facilities and support for multicultural courses;
  • encourage students and faculty to engage in multicultural study including those that focus on how diverse communities build sustaining cultures that model alternatives to prejudice and how individuals create and maintain authority and integrity in atmospheres of discrimination;
  • become a broad-based professional home for reflective multiculturalists; and
  • support, promote, and maintain the Multicultural, Women’s and Gender Student Center (MWGSC) and thereby support students’ efforts to promote justice on our campus, in society at large, and in their personal lives.

 For more information contact:

Julia Balén, Director

Sofia Samatar, Co-Director 

Kirsten Moss-Frye, Student Affairs Director