A little bit about your University Police Department

University Police Officers are the real deal!  They have full law enforcement authority and can make arrests and issue citations.  Each police officer exceeds the minimum certification and training requirements mandated by the State of California.  Their authority as state peace officers even extends off campus and into the surrounding community.

Every day of the year University Police Officers provide comprehensive 24-hour patrol of university property, buildings, parking lots, residence halls and the University Glenn residential community. All state laws and applicable federal codes are enforced on the campus, including code of conduct regulations the university establishes itself.

Officers are responsible for reporting and investigating crimes, issuing traffic citations, responding to medical emergencies, traffic accidents, reports of fire, as well as other incidents that require police assistance.  Most importantly though Police Officers work every day, alongside an excellent group of diverse campus colleagues, promoting a community oriented approach to policing.  We are all in this together!

The department also has staff that are state certified Emergency Medical Technicians (EMT).  At least one EMT is always on duty.  S/he is trained and equipped to respond to medical emergencies with the same skills as a person who works on an ambulance crew.

You may be surprised to learn that the department also staffs a 24/7 public safety dispatch center.  Professionally certified dispatchers are on duty at all times ready to take your emergency 911 call or provide you with needed service information
Your University Police Department is most certainly a comprehensive Public Safety service provider.  Its professional staff members stand ready and are prepared to provide you with top notch public service.