Police Report Requests Procedure
The Requesting party must complete a CSU Channel Islands Police Records Request Form. The request form must be filled out completely, including the mailing address where the requester wishes the report to be sent. If the case number is not known, the records supervisor will be able to get the information with the involved person's name.

Obtaining a Copy of a Police Report
Please complete a Records Request form, which is available on-line  or at the CSUCI Public Safety front desk, located in Placer Hall near the A1 parking lot at CSUCI. 
You may call the CSUCI Police Records Unit at 805-437-8444 to check the status on your report request and to verify if it is releasable; but please allow 10 days for your request to be researched.

You must be an "involved party" or a parent of a minor child in order to obtain a copy of a police report or traffic accident report. An "involved party" includes the victim, reporting party, party mentioned, driver, registered owner, etc. If the case involves an arrest, the report may not be releasable until after the case has been adjudicated. You may be required to present identification to verify you are an "involved party."
Your report may have a redacted (blacked out) area or missing pages. Redactions are specifically required by laws and policies that we are not able to circumvent. Typically, property crimes will only indicate the damaged property, lost or stolen articles, and values for insurance company purposes to recover your loss. The investigative portion of the report is not released in order to protect the integrity of the investigation.

On-Line Records Request Form 



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