CSU Employee Fee Waiver and Reduction Program

The California State University offers eligible employees and dependents the opportunity to enroll in the CSU Employee Fee Waiver and Reduction Program. This program provides for the waiver or reduction of certain fees for employees and dependents who enroll in work related courses offered by the CSU for the purpose of improving skills for existing jobs, or advancement in accordance with a career development plan. This program allows the employee to transfer their benefit to a spouse, dependent, or domestic partner. Each semester, applications, along with an approved waiver form, need to be submitted to the Human Resources Programs Department. Also, by the published due date, a copy of the approved waiver is required at the time of fee payment to Student Business Services.

Intra-System Concurrent Enrollment

Students participating in this program who are California residents pay tuition and other fees at their home campus. Non-resident participants are required to pay any additional fees to CI.

Intra-System Visitor Enrollment

California resident students participating in this program pay their fees at the host CSU campus.

Veteran’s Dependents

The Division of Veteran Services of the State Department can be contacted in relation to Federal Benefits. A Veteran Dependent recipient will receive an authorization letter to pay the tuition fee. Eligible students are required to submit their Cal Vet Fee waiver authorization letter to CI’s Veteran’s Administration Certifying Official prior to the published payment due date. For more information, call Kristin Hronek 805-437-2750.

Foster Youth Fee Waiver

The California State University (CSU) Foster Youth Tuition Waiver is available for current and former foster care youth who are enrolled at a California State University campus in an undergraduate program. The foster youth tuition waiver originated with the passage of Senate Bill 967 (as amended by Education Code § 60025.3) in 2018 and is intended to address the gap in postsecondary education attainment between foster care youth and other young adults. The bill was further amended in 2019. For more information, please contact the Registrar Office at 805-437-8500 or registrar@csuci.edu.

COVID-19 Qualifying Survivors Fee Waiver

The COVID-19 Qualifying Survivors Fee Waiver is available to any surviving spouse or child of a deceased person who was a resident of California and was employed as a licensed physician or nurse employed by or under contract with a regulated and licensed health facility to provide medical services, or a first responder whose principal duties consisted of providing medical services or emergency services, during the COVID-19 state of emergency and passed away due to COVID-19 during the COVID-19 pandemic state of emergency. The waiver originated with the passage of California Assembly Bill 1113 which added Education Code section 68120.3, and became effective January 1, 2022. For more information, please contact the Registrar office at 805-437-8500 or registrar@csuci.edu.

Alan Pattee Scholarship Act: Tuition Fee Waiver

Surviving spouse or surviving child of an active California law enforcement/fire suppression officer killed in the line of duty are not charged tuition fees nor mandatory campus fees. For more information, please contact the Student Account Lead at 805-437-8810. (Education Code 6820, Education Code 68120.5

  • Alan Pattee Fee Waiver Request Form (PDF, 170 KB)
  • Mail completed forms to:
    Student Business Services
    California State University, Channel Islands
    One University Drive
    Camarillo, CA 93012

Over 60 California Resident Program

California State University Channel Islands offers a program which allows California residents, sixty (60) years of age or older, to enroll regular session undergraduate level courses without payment of certain specified fees. View our website for the Over 60 Program for California Residents

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