Santa Rosa Island Research Station

The California State University Channel Islands (CI) Santa Rosa Island Research Station (SRIRS) seeks to cultivate a diverse community of scholars and initiate innovative resource management solutions by supporting research, education, and outreach programs across disciplines. The ability of the SRIRS community to address management challenges from multiple perspectives will enable energetic, adept and successful responses to our changing natural and human landscapes. 


Please visit our calendar to determine availability and our upcoming activities. 


We provide students, faculty, researchers, and our local community with the resources and opportunities to engage in natural and cultural resource based research and education via a partnership between the US National Park Service and CSU Channel Islands.

Touchstones to the Mission

  • Build inquiry centered educational partnerships
  • Engage stakeholders in discovery and dissemination
  • Inspire and transform participants and society
  • Promote stewardship of resources
  • Encourage broad sharing of interdisciplinary knowledge

Santa Rosa Island Cloud Forest

*Photo courtesy of Monica Pereira 


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