CI Santa Rosa Island Research Station

The CI Santa Rosa Island Research Station (SRIRS) supports the engagement of students across academic levels in inquiry-rich learning experiences that develop and support student knowledge and critical thinking skills. Please review the description of our educational programming (MS Word, 21KB) and/or contact the station at, for more details about educational opportunities at SRIRS. If you are interested in visiting the SRIRS please complete our online application to apply for a class visit. Please review our user rates and fees (PDF, 30.5KB) and look at the SRIRS Calendar before selecting your dates to ensure that space and resources are available for your visit.

Group talks in the SRIRS bunkhouse

Students listen as island researcher, Dr. Kathryn McEachern, describes the Cloud Forest Restoration project        

Each visitor to the SRIRS must sign a CI liability waiver (PDF, 118KB). Liability waivers for minors must be signed by the parent or guardian.  Each group leader is also responsible for ensuring that each participant has submitted a CI liability waiver (PDF) and read and accepted the station rules and policies (PDF, 122KB) .

Please go to our visiting section for further information about your visit to the CI Santa Rosa Island Research Station.