The CI Santa Rosa Island Research Station (SRIRS) proposes to build on our strengths in natural and cultural resource management, marine science, and education. The success of the SRIRS is dependent upon donations and volunteers to advance our vision and our strategic plan (PDF).  Support from the Channel Islands National Park, NOAA, USGS, Havasi Foundation, National Science Foundation, and individual donors continue to be critical to our development.  You are invited to join us in this meaningful endeavor.

The following is a reflection written by Creative Writing student, Isaac Hirsch. SRIRS is unique in its ability to host a multitude and wide range of disciplines, like Isaac's English class that visited the island in September 2017 and helped make improvements to the historic bunkhouse. 

"I could write a thousand sentences and none of them could come close to describing the liberating energy I felt on Santa Rosa. The moment I set foot on the boat, I was brimming with an excitement that I'd rarely felt before, and that permeated throughout the weekend. Spending time on the hikes, at the beach, and with the wonderful people around made the trip a joyous time. I fell in love with what the island had to offer - and not with just its superficial beauty, but also with its dense, complicated history. There's much to be respected about the island, and I am more than willing to return and give back in whatever way I can."

-Isaac Hirsch, Creative Writing English capstone student

SRIRS Apparel and Donations 

Please help support more diverse groups, and the CSU Channel Islands Santa Rosa Island Research Station. Your donation will help provide students across academic levels with experiential research and learning opportunities that will help shape their connection to place, community, and self.

We have a variety of Santa Rosa Island Research Station apparel (i.e. shirts, sweatshirts, hats, patches) for a suggested donation. Please see the table below for the cost, color(s), and size(s) of each item.  Select the link below to donate and obtain your Santa Rosa Island apparel.

 * Photos courtesy of Juan Zaragoza and other CI students



There are many ways to give to the CI Santa Rosa Island Research Station. Your gift can be unrestricted, which allows us to allocate funds wherever the need is greatest. Alternatively, you can direct your gift to a specific program and priority that is personally meaningful to you.  

To learn more about these options or to make a gift, please contact the SRIRS,



"Santa Rosa was the destination, for our Sierra Club organization,  planting cute little oaks, surrounded by moats, with fog hat coronations." - CS

The SRIRS and the Channel Islands National Park has and will continue to improve due to the dedicated work of volunteers.  SRIRS volunteers can participate in service learning trips. Please contact the SRIRS,, for additional information. 

If you are interested in Channel Islands volunteer opportunities please contact the following organizations.

Thank you for your continued support of the CSUCI Santa Rosa Island Research Station.

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