Cause Station Director

Santa Rosa Island Research Station Director

Cause Hanna, PhD
Santa Rosa Island Research Station Director
CSU Channel Islands
1721 Madera Hall
Phone: 805 437-3785

Research Station Director's Background:

The natural and human landscapes that surrounded me while growing up ten miles from CSU Channel Islands directed me towards a career in ecology. Guided by my subsequent collaborations in environmental sciences and ecology as a student, a teacher, and a researcher I am instilled with the responsibility to understand the processes and interactions shaping terrestrial communities and incorporating this understanding into natural resource management and education. 

While obtaining my BS in Biology at UC San Diego I was made aware of the interdependence between strong scientific research and the ability to communicate the impact of that research. 

To ensure that I was proficient at the latter, I continued my education at UC San Diego and obtained a Masters of Education and California Teaching Credential. The desire to return to scientific research led me to Hawaii Volcanoes National Park where I conducted invasive species research. This work at the intersection of island biogeography, ecological networks, and invasive species management directed my research and PhD in Environmental Science at UC Berkeley. 

Committed to dedicating my career to conserving the biodiversity and educating the community that has and will continue to define my life, after obtaining my PhD, I began performing research on the California Channel Islands in collaboration with the National Park Service and the Nature Conservancy. As the CI Santa Rosa Research Station Director, I will investigate the ecological processes and interactions shaping Santa Rosa Island and use real world problems to expose students to fundamental concepts while encouraging them to develop practical interdisciplinary resource management solutions.  

Cause Hanna Curriculum Vitae (PDF, 114 KB)