Santa Rosa Island Research Station-Closed until further notice in Response to COVID-19

The Santa Rosa Island Research Station (SRIRS) facilitates interdisciplinary undergraduate, graduate, and professional research at CI. We also participate in long-term monitoring protocols that the Channel Islands National Park established to better manage cultural and natural resources. Some of the projects include sandy beach monitoring and morphology, stream restoration and geomorphology, seacliff erosion, rare tree demography, intertidal monitoring, historic photopoint monitoring, biosecurity, wetland water quality, and marine debris. Along with scientific research, the island has also inspired many projects in arts and dance. We encourage interdisciplinary projects that might combine artistry with scientific methods. 

A recent Fine Arts capstone group painted a mural inside the bunkhouse dedicated to the late Dr. Cause Hanna, the attached video highlights the research and artistic process. 

The SRIRS attempts to expand on our knowledge of natural and cultural resource patterns and processes by identifying the research needs, developing interdisciplinary collaborations, and weaving together the work of the research community. We support research throughout the year and all research performed on Santa Rosa Island is reviewed and approved. Scientists and students wishing to initiate research must first submit an online application to the SRIRS Director for approval and each station visitor must sign a CI liability waiver (PDF, 118KB).

Please read and review our scientific research application procedures (PDF, 37.8K) to achieve proper approval for and completion of your proposed research. We do not grant National Park Service permits for research, collection, or experiments, please contact the Channel Islands National Park Service for permitting needs. 

The Station Director, in partnership with NPS staff, will determine if the proposed activities require a NPS Research and Collections Permit. After submitting your application, please contact the SRIRS Station Director, Russ Bradley, to confirm that your application has been reviewed and approved for research. Approved applications are valid for one year from the date of approval, but may be renewed annually. If you have any questions during the application process, please contact the Station Director for guidance.

Please be sure to review our user rates and fees (PDF, 30.5KB) and look at the SRIRS Calendar before selecting your dates to ensure that space and resources are available for your visit.

*Top-right photo taken by Russ Bradley, bottom two taken by Aspen Coty
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