SRIRS staff will meet you at the Bechers Bay pier on Santa Rosa Island or airstrip when you arrive. The research station staff will give you an orientation upon arrival and collect the signed CSUCI waivers(PDF, 117KB) if they were not already submitted.

Please sign in and out of the research station upon arrival and departure for all activities during your stay (located next to the entrance door).

We ask that you keep the research station clean during your stay and leave it in as good (or better) condition as you found it. Basic cleaning supplies (broom, spray bottle) are located in the laundry room. To uphold and support our request, the group leader will be given a cleaning check list (PDF, 152K) as a guide for cleaning the facility both during the visit and before departure. You will be charged $50 per hour if cleanup by the research station staff is required following your departure.

If the research station staff is unable to be on the island during your scheduled trip, please refer to the check-in and check-out list (PDF, 461K) to turn on and off the water, propane, kitchen stove/oven, and hot water heater.