View of the Research Station Bunkhouse

  1. Bunkhouse: The SRI bunkhouse (view the Virtual Tour) has sleeping accommodations for 36 people. The bunkhouse consists of eight bedrooms and three bathrooms. There are two canvas, wood-framed tent cabins located behind the main bunkhouse. Guests need to bring their own sleeping bag, pillow, toiletries, laundry, food etc. (Recommended Items)  
    • The kitchen is equipped with standard large and small appliances, cookware, dishes, silverware, cleaning supplies, etc. All cooking is done at the facility; individual cooking stoves are prohibited, due to a possible fire hazard. We recommend bringing an extra day’s supply of food because people sometimes get detained on the island due to bad weather.
    • Hot and cold running water, showers (currently unavailable for trips less than 5 days), toilets, and limited laundry facilities are furnished. Electricity is limited so please conserve power and water.
    • Propane grills are available for use. Do not leave grills unattended due to the high fire hazard. No open fires or fire pits are permitted.
  2. Storage Sheds: Storage space is available for research, lab, or personal items. Please review our user rates and fees (PDF, 30KB) for the annual rates.
  3. Communications: Currently, cell phone service is not available at the SRIRS. In the case of an emergency a satellite phone and National Park radios are available at the SRIRS. Limited internet service is available upon request and only if necessary at the SRIRS. To continue the wilderness experience and natural setting of Santa Rosa Island, we do not give out wifi services to all students or visitors. There are two internet equipped computers in the office located at the bunkhouse. 
  4. Library: A small collection of books and other references is available. 

We make no guarantees that any of the services provided, including but not limited to, housing, water, electricity, and internet, will be available or will be fully functional.