Recommended Items

To Bring List (PDF, 102KB)

Expect windy weather

Allowed Items: 

Sunscreen, sleeping bag, pillow, bath towel and toiletries, hat, camera, rain gear, windbreaker, layers of clothing, swimwear, medications, feminine hygiene products, allergy kits, shoes (hiking boats or tennis shoes), reusable water bottle(s) hydration pack, flashlight or headlamp, signed liability waiver, field notebook, field equipment, laptop computer/tablet, misc. field gear or overnight necessities

Prohibited Items

  1. Plastic grocery bags (single-use carryout bags) are prohibited on the island because if accidentally released they can pose health and environmental risks to threatened and endangered marine species.
  2. Firearms or other weapons and fireworks.
  3. Non-Native Species. Non-native, invasive species threaten endangered animals and plants on the Channel Islands and are costly to control. The following regulations and guidelines can help prevent the introduction and spread of invasive species before they become a problem. To prevent the introduction of invasive species the following items shall not be transported or delivered to the island: pets or any animal, service animals (except by permit from superintendent), live or potted plants, soil, cut flowers, firewood or any untreated, unfinished wood (including hiking sticks), corrugated boxes, tools or equipment with attached soil, motorized vehicles, and bicycles. Less restrictive measures would have the potential for introduction of non-native species that could adversely affect many species and/or endanger the islands ecosystems.

Please inspect your personal gear (e.g. packs, shoes) and clean off dirt, seeds and insects before departing from the mainland.

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