1. Everything is protected. Do not feed, collect, disturb, or harm park wildlife, plant life, or other natural or cultural resources.
  2. No fishing within marine reserves. It is unlawful to injure, damage, take, or possess any living, geological, or cultural marine resource within the marine protected areas. Fishing is prohibited on the pier due to the pier’s proximity to the marine reserve.
  3. No jumping off the pier.
  4. No pets. Pets are not allowed on the island. Domestic house pets can carry diseases that could harm animals unique to the island. Service animals require a permit from the park superintendent.
  5. No campfires, charcoal fires, or beach fires. Due to extreme fire danger, no campfires are permitted on the islands.
  6. No Smoking. Smoking is NOT permitted at or around the research station. Smoking is only permitted on the beach. Please take cigarette butts off island.
  7. Closed Areas. To protect wildlife, the beaches at Sandy Point are closed year around. From March 1st to September 15th, Skunk Point beaches and sand dunes are closed. Please remain on the wet sand (below mean high tide) or the road through this area.
  8. Conserve Energy. The research station is powered primarily by solar photovoltaic energy and so it’s extremely important that you conserve power. We ask that you go over the unique needs of this system and eliminate any waste of electricity or water (which uses power to pump and to filter).
  9. Alcohol Prohibited at CSUCI Sponsored Trips. The consumption and procession of alcohol is prohibited on CSUCI sponsored trips to, from, and while on SRI.
  10. Remove all Personal Items. No item(s) brought to the SRIRS or Channel Islands National Park are allowed to be left including (but not limited to) food, unless prior arrangements have been made with the station manager.