Members appointed to the 2017/18 Strategic Resource Planning Committee include:

Cabinet Members:
Ysabel Trinidad, Vice President for Business and Financial Affairs (co-chair)
Geoff Chase, Provost (co-chair)
Genevieve Evans Taylor, Chief of Staff
Wm. Gregory Sawyer, Vice President for Student Affairs
Michael Berman, Vice President for Technology and Innovation
Nichole Ipach, Vice President for University Advancement

Faculty Representation:
Virgil Adams, Academic Senate Chair (expires May 2018)
Marie Francois, Fiscal Policies Committee Co-Chair
Jeanne Grier, Dept Chair & Prof AY (expires May 2019)

Staff Representation:
Dianne Wei, Budget and Operations Analyst for Student Affairs (expires May 2019)
Chanda Cunningham-Spence, Manager of Academic Resources (expires May 2018)

Student Representation:
Vacant (2)

Committee Support:
Missy Jarnagin, AVP for Budget and Planning
Diane Mandrafina, Assistant VP for Business & Financial Affairs/Controller