Upcoming SRPC Meetings

For Spring 2021, all meetings will be held on Fridays from 10:00 a.m. to 11:30 a.m.
 Meeting Date
 February 26, 2021
 March 12, 2021
 March 26, 2021
 April 9, 2021
 April 16, 2021
 April 30, 2021
 May 7, 2021

For questions on the schedule please email SRPC@csuci.edu.

Past SRPC Meetings and Presentations

Nov. 19, 2020N/A
Presentation (PDF, 583KB) Virtual Meeting Instructions, (PDF, 162KB)
Nov. 12, 2020MinutesPresentation (PDF, 983KB) Virtual Meeting Instructions, (PDF, 166KB)
Oct. 22, 2020MinutesPresentation (PDF, 532KB) Virtual Meeting Instructions, (PDF, 161KB)
Oct. 8, 2020MinutesPresentation (PDF, 820KB) Virtual Meeting Instructions (PDF, 374KB)           
Sept. 3, 2020MinutesPresentation(PDF, 5.8MB) Virtual Meeting Instructions (PDF,  137KB)
May 7, 2020 N/APresentation(PDF, 5.8MB) Virtual Meeting Instructions (PDF,  119KB)
February 13, 2020N/APresentation (PDF, 431KB)
December 10, 2019N/APresentation(PDF, 248KB)
November 21, 2019N/APresentation(PDF, 198KB)
November 15, 2019N/APresentation(PDF, 597KB)
CAPS Case Manager Proposal
 (PDF, 1MB)
Living Learning Communities Proposal(PDF, 1.4MB)
SOC Mentoring Program Proposal(PDF, 432KB)
Stem Corps Proposal (PDF, 655KB)
November 7, 2019N/APresentation (PDF, 597KB)
October 16, 2019*N/APresentation (PDF, 238KB)
Annual Giving Proposal (PDF, 898KB)
Dolphin Mentorship Proposal (PDF, 1.49MB)
Expanding Awareness Proposal 
(PDF, 804KB)
October 2, 2019*N/APresentation (PDF, 1.7MB)
Santa Rosa Island Proposal (PDF, 2.16MB)
Ekhobot Proposal (PDF, 383KB)
September 24, 2019* N/APresentation (PDF, 1.2MB)
DUO for CI Proposal (PDF, 918KB)
September 9, 2019N/A  Presentation  (PDF, 526KB)

Visit the Meetings & Presentations Archive for SRPC meeting minutes and presentations from prior years.

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