Stay Safe

When you’re a university student, you have plenty of concerns. Staying safe shouldn’t be one of them. At California State University Channel Islands (CI), we work hard to create a safe and secure campus so you can put your focus where it counts—on your studies.

On-Campus Police

The CI Police Department is housed on campus and works around the clock to keep the CI community safe. Throughout campus are emergency telephones, easily identified by bright blue lights on top of red poles. Pressing a red “call-for-help” button activates the phones, which are linked to the CI Police.

Emergency Information

In the event of an emergency, CI has a comprehensive Emergency Management (All Hazards) Plan in place. Students may enroll in CSUCI Alert and receive email, voice and text messages regarding emergency situations. CI’s website and Emergency Information Hotline (805-437-3911) are also used to disseminate information. Our CI Emergency Response Guide (in PDF format) includes information about what to do in specific emergencies, such as earthquakes. (To view the PDF, download Adobe Reader)

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