BP.03.012 - Business Practice for Hardware End-of-Life and "Red Tagging"

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History [top]

  • Business Practice Number: BP.03.012
  • Version: 1
  • Drafted By: Carlos Miranda
  • Approved By: Michael Berman
  • Approval Date: 01/05/2016
  • Latest Revision Date:

Purpose [top]

Describes the computer hardware End of Life Red Tagging processes, and the support limits T&I complies with to maintain a responsive and secure computing environment.

Background [top]

Business Practice [top]

Accountability [top]

Vice President for Technology & Innovation

Applicability [top]

All CI recipients of computer hardware.

Definition(s) [top]

  1. End-of-Life - the product supplied to the faculty/staff is in the end of its useful life and the vendor (Dell/Apple) stops marketing, selling, or sustaining it
  2. Red Tag – The tag that is affixed to computer hardware when that hardware is no longer supported by T&I personnel due to one or more of the following reasons:
    1. The computer has reached the end of its life-cycle and requires replacement.
    2. The computer does not run a CI standard computer operating system (OS).
    3. The computer is not a CI standard make/model.
    4. The computer was purchased without CI funds.

                            Red Tag Sample

Text [top]


When has a CSUCI computer reached the end of its life-cycle?

CI computers are purchased with 3yr warranties. A computer reaches its end-of-life after 5 years of service and will be assigned a “Red Tag” at that time.

What happens after a computer has been “Red Tagged”?

A “Red Tagged” computer will not be removed and decommissioned as long as it’s in working condition (able to startup successfully to a working desktop) and is running a current and supported OS receiving monthly security and OS updates. 

Why is the Red Tag needed?

T&I cannot effectively support computers that are no longer under warranty and still keep pace with all the new equipment purchased. Old computers should be replaced on a regular cycle to insure CI’s users have good working equipment to perform their daily assignments.

Do Red Tagged computers get added into ZoHo (campus inventory)?

Yes. There is a field in the ZoHo inventory for Red Tagged computers.

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