Information Security Awareness


This section implements Integrated CSU Administrative Manual (ICSUAM) Policy 8035.0.

Initial Information Security Awareness Training

At each new-hire, faculty, and new student orientation, T&I management personnel stress the importance of information security to new members of the University community.

In particular, each new-hire, faculty and new student orientation presentation delivered by a T&I manager includes at least the following points of emphasis:

  • Password security
  • Physical security
  • University policies regarding responsible use of T&I resources, information security, and data classification
  • The open nature of the Internet and the fact that information transmitted over the Internet may be intercepted by anyone
  • Applicable local, State and Federal laws, including a notice that cautions new members of the campus community against copyright infringement

Recurrent Information Security Awareness Training

Periodically, T&I holds information security awareness recurrent training in addition to ongoing awareness efforts. The recurrent training will include a review of the University’s information security incidents, the special emphasis items in the paragraph above, and a presentation of both common and new information security threats.