Learning Design partners with faculty and staff to develop inclusive learning experiences grounded in learning science considerate of the way in which cognitive and affective engagement impacts our ability to learn. TLi Learning Design specifically investigates the way in which learning technologies empowers faculty and students to engage with content, each other, and communities beyond the University to achieve deep and satisfying learning within the context of a warm and inclusive class community.

As such we view technology as a supporting cast to research-based best teaching practices, culturally responsive pedagogy, and subject matter and discipline specific expertise or what Mishra and Koehler (2006) have defined as Technological, Pedagogical and Content Knowledge (TPACK). TLi Learning designers bring technological and pedagogical expertise ready to partner with faculty and staffs’ content knowledge and discipline expertise, teaching experience, and technological skills.

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Defining Course Modalities at CSUCI 

Modality refers to the way in which the course is delivered. At CSUCI the course catalog includes the following modalities. Select a modality for a definition based on both scholarship in online teaching and learning and CSUCI’s Online Course Policy. Each includes corresponding course modalities as they appear to students in the CSUCI Course Catalog. 

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TLi Facilitated Opportunities

These facilitated opportunities take place in the form of in-person and virtual workshops and more intensive multi day or week programs.

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