Education Benefits Certification Request

As a student veteran, service member, spouse, or dependent who has been admitted to CSUCI, you will use the Veterans Benefit functionality in your myCI portal to:

  • Upload required documents one time to initiate your first certification for VA education benefits
  • Request certification for each following semester you enroll in classes
  • Check the status of your certification request
  • Update your requested certification if you change your enrollment

Important considerations: 

If you do not plan to claim veterans benefits, Veteran students can upload a DD-214, to qualify for priority registration.

If you are receiving both Ch. 35 (Dependents’ Educational Assistance) and the Cal Vet Fee Wavier, enter the Ch. 35 benefit information first and attach both the Cal Vet Fee Waiver and Ch. 35 Certificate of Eligibility (step 3).

If you plan to receive only the Cal Vet Fee Waiver, you should upload an approved Cal Vet Fee Waiver each Academic Year but not request VA education benefit certification for each class (up to step 3, #3).

Step 1

  • Go to the CSUCI home page at and log into myCI
  • Click CI Records
  • In the Student Center, under Academics, click on Veterans Benefit

Step 2

  • Review the welcome page
  • Have PDF copies of the documents you plan to submit ready if this is your first time using this portal
  • If you are requesting certification for a semester, be sure you have enrolled in classes
  • To proceed, select the Certification Request button (lower right)

Step 3

  1. Select the term you want to request to be certified to the VA
  2. Click “Initiate Request”
  3. Navigate to “Attachments” and upload your documents if this is your first request
  4. Navigate to “Select Classes to Certify” to request certification course-by-course

Step 4

  • Read and acknowledge the information on the Certification Request page
  • In the Request Classes for Certification table, select the courses you want certified
    • Request certification only for courses that are part of the curriculum for your major or academic program - the VA will not cover tuition and fees for other courses
  • Once you are happy with your selections, click “Submit Request”
  • Select “Return” to got back and review the information for your semester

Step 5

If you have already submitted courses for certification and later add or drop classes, you are responsible for updating your certification request within seven days of changing your schedule. To do that:

  • Return to the Certification Request page and select the term
  • Select “Update Classes to Certify”
  • Uncheck the class(es) you have dropped
  • Check the new class(es) you have added

Step 6

To check the status of your certification request, review the "Your Veterans Benefits for This Term" table in the upper right corner of the Certification Request page.

Status of request key:

  • Initiated: You have initiated this term but have not yet requested any classes for certification.
  • Submitted: You have submitted classes for certification and a School Certifying Official will review for approval or denial.
  • In Review: A School Certifying Official is reviewing your request. 
  • Reported: Enrollment data has been reported to the VA.

If you have difficulties after reviewing our tutorial, please reach out to your School Certifying Official or the Registrar’s Office. More detailed information can be found through our How To Guide

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