Due to COVID-19, Student Transition & Engagement Programs staff will be working remotely. However, in order to ensure that we continue to meet your needs and respond in a timely manner to your questions, please feel free to contact us at step@csuci.edu for any other questions.

Purpose Statement

CSU Channel Islands’ Veterans Affairs Program assists prospective and enrolled student veterans and dependents in transitioning and engaging with the campus community to ensure successful progress towards degree completion and on to their career goals.

Contact Information

Jay Derrico, Assistant Director of Veterans Affairs Programs
Phone: 805-437-2745
Email: jay.derrico@csuci.edu

Location: Veterans Resource Center, Bell Tower East, Room 1760
Phone: 805-437-FLAG (3524)
Fax: 805-437-2084
Email: veterans.services@csuci.edu
Hours: Monday - Friday, 8:00 AM - 5:00 PM

Kristin Hronek, VA Certifying Official
Chs. 30, 33, 35, 1606, Fry Scholarship, TA, & Cal Vet Fee Waiver
Phone: 805-437-2750
Email: kristin.hronek@csuci.edu

Location: Enrollment Center, Sage Hall Room 1020
Walk-in Hours: Tuesdays and Thursdays, 2:00 – 4:00 PM or call/email for an appointment

Juanita Anguiano, VA Certifying Official
Ch. 31
Phone: 805-437-8504
Email: juana.anguiano@csuci.edu

Location: Enrollment Center, Sage Hall Room 1020
Hours: Call/email for an appointment

TermPriority Filing DateCSU Channel Islands Sends Enrollment Information to VA
Fall 2021

July 23, 2021

Second week of August

Winter Terms


Student must contact their Certifying Official to have their information sent to the VA

Spring 2021December 18, 2020

First week of January

Summer 2021April 23, 2021

First week of May

  • To ensure timely reporting of your enrollment to the VA, please submit your DD-214 (if applicable) and Certificate of Eligibility to the VA Certifying Official or Veterans Affairs Program Coordinator by the Priority Filing Date of your first term at CI.
  • Subsequent terms will be submitted to the VA unless you email the VA Certifying Official.
  • Cal Vet Fee Waiver Authorization submission follows Priority Filing Dates for fall and spring terms.*
  • Documents will be reviewed by the VA Certifying Official before they are applied to your student account. Be sure to check your myCI email for updates.

*This benefit does not currently apply to Extended Education Summer or Winter Sessions at CI.

Principles of Excellence

Executive Order 13607, signed April 27, 2012, by the President of the United States, established Principles of Excellence (POE) for educational institutions serving service members, veterans, spouses, and other family members. Eight Principles of Excellence are described in the Order.

Compliance with the POE is intended to ensure an institution provides meaningful information to prospective and current military-associated students about the financial cost and quality of the institution; assist those students in making choices about how to use their Federal educational benefits; prevent abusive and deceptive recruiting practices that target the recipients of Federal military and veterans educational benefits; and ensure that the institution provides high-quality academic and student support services to the respective group of students.

Please review our Demonstration of Compliance (PDF, 74KB) for information on how CSU Channel Islands complies with the Principles of Excellence.

Military Leave/Readmission Requirements for Servicemembers

First, we suggest you review the campus' procedure on Academic Leave here: https://www.csuci.edu/registrar/academic-leave-procedures.htm. Your leave may fit into this existing process and form.

Per CSU policy (ASA-2016-29): Military servicemembers and veterans who were absent from a CSU campus for service in the Armed Forces are eligible for prompt readmission to the same program or course of study based on the following:

  • The absence is due to military service in the Armed Forces, including the National Guard or Reserves.
  • The servicemember or veteran provides the designated campus office with either:
    • Advance verbal or written notice that the need for a leave of absence is due to military service; or,
    • Documentation, which the student may provide at the time of readmission, establishing that their absence was due to service in the Armed Forces of the United States.

Be sure to review the complete policy and eligibility requirements at the CSU site (https://calstate.policystat.com/policy/6654882/latest/) and reach out to the Registrar's Office (registrar@csuci.edu) to initiate the readmission process.

Additionally, Active-duty personnel who are deployed and unable to complete the admissions application by the established deadline may receive an extension on applying for fall or spring terms by contacting the Admissions Office (admissions@csuci.edu).

Newly admitted students will be able to roll over their application during the duration of their compulsory service that prohibits them from attending CI as planned. Admitted applicants will retain the catalog rights for the original year for which they were admitted. They will also be granted an extended leave of absence and must begin attending CI within 12 months after being released from compulsory duties. Students should notify the CI Admissions Office of their plans for returning to campus as soon as possible. Students must submit to the Admissions Office proof of compulsory service that prohibits them from attending CI prior to departure or within 12 months after being released from compulsory duties. Reservists must show proof by providing activation orders; active duty military must provide a letter from a commanding officer.

Deferment Process

Student veterans who are receiving Post-9/11 GI Bill® benefits, and who have submitted approval of benefits in a timely manner preceding the semester, will receive a deferral of payment until benefit monies have been paid to the University.

Specific questions regarding account balances and charges may be directed to Student Business Services at 805-437-8810.

Credits Policy

Students shall be granted credit toward their Baccalaureate degree based on the American Council on Education (ACE) Guide to the Evaluation of Educational Experiences in the Armed Services. Three units of General Education Area E credit will be awarded for military basic training with any additional credit for basic training recommended by the ACE Guide given as free electives.

Up to 30 credits may be awarded as a combination of free electives based on ACE recommendations and/or the following specific credits:

  1. Three to four units of General Education Area C3a credit will be awarded for Defense Language Institute Foreign Language Center proficiency exams based on ACE’s guidelines in the National Guide to College Credit for Workforce Training. Any additional credit for language proficiency recommended by the ACE Guide will count as free electives.
  2. Major or other General Education credit may be awarded by petition.

For more information, please see the Military Credit Policy. (PDF, 335KB)

Students should contact the Registrar's Office for instructions on receiving credit.

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