High Level Process MappingProcess Flow Chart
(MS Powerpoint, 58KB)
FacilitatorsProcess Flowcharts are excellent ways to visually display the steps in a process in order to identify waste.  This will also demonstrate the change that has taken place between the “Current State” and the “Future State” of the process.
(MS Word, 138KB)
FacilitatorsThe SIPOC is one of several tools that can be used for high level process mapping.
Detailed Process MappingSpaghetti Map (MS Excel, 45KB)Facilitators 

A spaghetti map (sometimes called a physical process flow) is a line base representation of the continuous flow of a person, product or piece of information.  This helps identify redundancies and opportunities to expedite process flow. 

Other ToolsImprovement Calculator(MS Excel, 17KB)Facilitators & Managers

Use this calculator to assess the value of the improvement event by:

  • converting work hours into monetary value for staff and MPP’s
  • compiling the monthly material cost and savings
  • calculating the amount saved between the current state and the future state
  • summarizing the total amount the event has saved

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