The following administrative policies have been approved by the President following recommendation from the President's Planning and Policy Council

  • AA.01.004 Policy on Pre-Approval of Institutional Grant Proposals This policy has been established in order to create consistent, collaborative and widely-understood guidelines for developing institutional proposals for external funding
  • FA.40.003 Policy on Access Management and Facility Security (Supersedes FA.40.003) Revisions to this policy, formerly the Policy on Campus Locks & Keys, are numerous and include changes in accountability, issuance and reissuance of codes and keys, and chargeback scenarios . It also establishes guidelines for locking and unlocking of buildings and standards for campus security systems
  • OP.01.004 Policy on Policies (Supersedes OP.01.002) The revisions to this policy more clearly distinguish between administrative and academic policy and put into policy the practice of reviewing administrative policies every three years
  • SA.08.002 Policy on Priority Registration for Students with Disabilities (Supersedes SA.08.001) Revisions to this policy, formerly the Policy on Disability Related Priority Registration, are numerous and were made in accordance with the most recent CSU Coded Memorandum AA-2009-27, Policy for the Provision of Accommodations and Support Services to Students with Disabilities
  • SA.10.013 Policy on Financial Aid Satisfactory Academic Progress (Supersedes SA.10.010) Numerous revisions have been made to this policy in accordance with new federal regulations . Campuses are required to have a revised policy in place effective July 1, 2011 for aid year 2011-2012 . These regulations stipulate that Satisfactory Academic Progress (SAP) for students must include a qualitative component (e .g ., grade point average), a quantitative component referred to as the student's pace (e .g ., percent of units completed), and maximum time frame (e .g ., 150% of the published length of the program) . Each component must be cumulative in nature, and must be evaluated by the University at least once per year to certify the student's SAP. For the benefit of students, CI has elected to evaluate SAP at the end of each term. Students who fail to meet these standards are considered to have not made satisfactory academic progress and are no longer eligible for financial aid
  • SA.10.014 Policy on Federal Work Study (Supersedes SA.10.005) This policy has been revised to give priority to continuing students who are currently participating in FWS and plan to continue in the capacity in which they were trained as well as those student who demonstrate the highest need and applied for financial aid on or before the priority deadline of March 2nd.
  • SA.10.015 Policy on State University Grant Awarding (Supersedes SA.10.011) This policy has been revised to include a clause stating that "due to limited funds allocated to CI, grant eligibility may be based on lower expected family contribution limits" than are previously stated in the policy
  • SA.10.016 Policy on EOP Grant Awarding (Supersedes SA.10.009) Revisions to this policy include changes to the priority, eligibility, and compliance requirements for grant recipients

Full text of these and all administrative policies may be found on the Administrative Policy Website. Please direct questions regarding specific policies to the individual(s) or area(s) listed in the accountability section of each policy

For additional information contact Melissa Remotti, Executive Analyst to the President at ext. 3241 or