CI has implemented several strategies to enhance the percolation of storm water run-off into the groundwater aquifer while reducing the quantity of run-off from entering our storm water drain system. As part of all new construction, the runoff from the roofs is led to planter areas. For existing buildings, the University has disconnected the downspouts from the storm water piping system. This allows the run-off to flow of the existing tile roofs and percolate into the groundwater before it enters the storm water system.

The University is converting the grounds adjacent to the buildings to planter areas so that the hydrological retention time is increased. When the University initiates a capital construction project, the general contractor is required to take the necessary actions to prevent all construction-related activities from contaminating ground water runoff from entering the storm drain system

For additional information contact John Gormley, Campus Architect/Director, Planning Design & Construction at ext. 3241