Faculty and Staff Appreciation Event at the Cove Bookstore – Nov. 29 & 30

The annual Faculty and Staff Appreciation Event at the Cove Bookstore is back!  In the past, this event has offered CI faculty and staff  a 20% discount on items at the bookstore for one day only.  This year it has been extended to offer two days of discounts! 

On Thursday, Nov. 29 and Friday, Nov. 30 faculty and staff will be able to receive 20% off their purchase at the Cove Bookstore.  Be sure to shop on the 29th to take advantage of new arrivals and great size selections before they’re all gone! 

For more information, contact Fah Azarmsa, Manager, Cove Bookstore, at ext. 8833 or fah.azarmsa@csuci.edu.


November installment of secureCI now available!

What would happen if you discovered you lost your mobile device?

Read this month’s secureCI Information Security Newsletter at http://ciinfosec.blogspot.com and find out some precautions that can be taken to minimize impact if this happens to you.

secureCI may also be viewed using the following link:  http://www.csuci.edu/its/security/secureci.htm

For additional information contact Neal Fisch, Director of Application Services & Information Security Administrator, at ext. 3278 or neal.fisch@csuci.edu.


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