Fellowship Sponsor available for CI students

CI is pleased to announce the Doreen J. Putrah Cancer Research Foundation Conference Fellowship program.  The $10,000 award, made possible by an anonymous donor, sponsors up to 10 students each year at scientific conferences that relate to their collaborative faculty-student research at CI.

The fellowships are intended to inspire students to develop as scientists by providing the opportunity to travel to a national scientific conference to present their research, learn about the latest advances in their fields, and network with other students, scientists, potential graduate advisers, and future employers. Up to ten $1,000 fellowships will be awarded each year. The fellowships are open to all students in the Arts & Sciences division who are involved in faculty-student research in biology, biochemistry, biotechnology, and cancer-related sciences. Applications will be accepted online as long as funds are available. 

For more information visit: http://biology.csuci.edu, or contact Professor Amy Denton at ext. 8458 or amy.denton@csuci.edu.

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