Sponsor a Child this Holiday Season

Students, faculty and staff are invited to sponsor a child for the holiday season. Haycox Elementary School in Oxnard has the largest population of Mixteco students in the district (indigenous people in Mexico who speak their own native language). K-2 grade students have written a letter to Santa describing their hobbies, their favorite color, favorite books, and clothing size.

Sponsors are asked to buy one or all of the following items: a book, outerwear (size 6-10), a hands-on toy.  All gifts need to be at Ojai Hall by Friday, Dec. 12.  Wrapping paper is also provided at Ojai Hall.  After the holidays, you will receive a special thank you letter from the  child recipient.

For more information, contact Kaitlyn Cotton, Center for Community Engagement Ambassador, at ext. 3619 or kaitlyn.cotton472@csuci.edu

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