CSU Southern Region 1: 3rd Annual EOP Student Leadership Conference

On Oct. 4, CI hosted the CSU Southern Region 1: 3rd Annual EOP Student Leadership Conference. The CSU EOP Student Leadership Conference was designed to encourage networking amongst EOP student leaders that exist within the same region. In addition, the conference aims to connect current students with the history and purpose of EOP as a means of identifying why the need for EOP still exists. The conference offered a full day of interaction, dynamic speakers, informative presentations, and a detailed history of the Educational Opportunity Program.

For more information, contact Kari Moss, Educational Opportunity Program Coordinator, at ext. 8511 or kari.moss@csuci.edu.

Alcoa donation of 500 trees makes CI a greener campus

On Saturday, Oct. 4, employees from Alco Fastening Systems joined the CI community in planting 500 trees across campus, including jacarandas, sycamores, manzanitas, and eldeberries. More than 80 volunteers spent the morning planting the trees along University Drive and in the lawn area of the John Spoor Broome Library.

For more information, contact Raudel Banuelos, Director of Facilities Services, at ext. 8464 or raudel.banuelos@csuci.edu.

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