Appeals Process

If you were denied admission for not being CSU eligible--either at the initial (“provisional”) or final stage of the admissions review process, you may submit an appeal. You also may submit an appeal if your admission was cancelled or withdrawn (“rescinded”) at any stage of the admissions review process because you failed to adhere to one or more of the enrollment deadlines or other obligations referenced in the Freshmen Appeal Information or Transfer Appeal Information, below.

Who is NOT eligible to submit an Admissions Appeal?

Freshman and transfer applicants with a CSU GPA less than 2.0 on a 4.0 scale are not eligible to appeal. (For nonresident freshmen, a 2.5 GPA is required.) In addition, transfer applicants not in good standing at their last institution attended are ineligible to appeal.

Note to Denied GRADUATE, CREDENTIAL, and EXTENDED UNIVERSITY Transfer Students: Contact your program for appeal information and requirements.

When must I submit an Admissions Appeal?

An appeal must be received within 15-business days of the date on the Denial Letter or after a missed deadline, unless otherwise specified in the Freshman or Transfer Appeal Information (see below links). Students may only submit one appeal per academic term. All decisions made by the appeals committee are final and non-negotiable. NOTE: We are not obligated to review any appeal received beyond 15-business days.

Failure to routinely review your myCI student portal, read email messages sent by the University, or adhere to deadlines are not likely to be viewed by the committee as being compelling reasons to grant your appeal.

How do I submit an Admissions Appeal?

An appeal must contain all items referenced below. Incomplete packets will not be considered or returned; they will be denied and cannot be resubmitted.

1. Complete the Admissions Appeal Form.



2. Submit a personal statement explaining the reason for the appeal. Statements must be submitted by the applicant; those written by anyone other than the applicant will not be considered. The personal statement should be typed; ineligibly written statements will not be considered.

3. Submit documentation in support of your appeal. Required documents will vary, depending upon whether you are a Freshman or Transfer applicant, so carefully read and comply with instructions in the links referenced above.

Documentation must include verifiable evidence supporting the justification for the appeal (e.g., proof that a deadline was met when the Admissions Office said it wasn’t; a requirement was met or is in progress). Documentation must also be submitted to support any claims made in a student’s personal statement regarding hardship, illness, or other extenuating circumstances. A personal statement does not constitute documentation. Letters of recommendation will not be considered.

The appeal may include supporting information of a disability. Disclosing a disability is not a requirement; however, if you feel you were unable to meet certain admission requirements based on a disability and would like to submit supporting documents, please submit these documents along with your appeal form. IMPORTANT: Documents in support of a disability (such as a diagnosis or statement from a physician, psychologist, or other diagnostician must be in a sealed envelope marked “confidential.” Please write your name and student ID on the outside of the envelope. Confidential documentation related to a disability will be provided to the Disability Resources office for evaluation. Admissions and Recruitment staff will not open the sealed envelope.

Where do I submit my appeal?

Mail (fax and email NOT accepted) the completed Admissions Appeal Form, a personal statement explaining the reason for the appeal, and supporting documentation to:

Admissions and Recruitment
RE: Admissions Appeal
CSU Channel Islands
Sage Hall One University Drive
Camarillo, CA 93012-8599

How long will it take to receive a decision?

If you are determined to be admissible, we will send you a printed offer of admissions (for fall enrollment) or an admissions decision notification by email (for spring enrollment). If your appeal is not successful, then you will receive an email notifying you of the outcome. Please allow up to four (4) weeks to receive a decision on your appeal.