The Academic Affairs Continuous Improvement Committee refines and guides the five year program review cycle. Through this process key campus stakeholders will use information to facilitate meaningful improvement across programs and services; suggest capacity building in the areas of program review and assessment of student learning; avoid duplication and build partnerships across academic affairs; integrate the information gleaned from program review and assessment into campus conversations about budget and academic planning; use reports to inform future WASC reports and visits; and suggest technologies and innovations that enhance the program review process and assessment of student learning. Membership includes representatives from each academic program, academic units, academic centers, major grants, general education, and degree levels.

2014/2015 Membership:

Virgil Adams -- Psychology
Simone Aloisio -- Chemistry
Julia Balen -- Center for Multicultural Engagement
Bob Bleicher -- Liberal Studies
Geoff Buhl-- Applied Physics, Math
Catherine Burriss -- Performing Arts
Antonio Jimenez -- Spanish
Tracylee Clarke -- Communication
Dennis Downey -- Center for Community Engagement, Sociology, Anthropology
Marie Francois -- ISLAS Grant, General Education
Scott Frisch -- Political Science
Jeanne Grier -- Education, Credentials
Andrea Grove -- Center for International Affairs
Phil Hampton -- ACCESSO Grant
Debra Hoffmann -- Library
Karen Jensen -- Nursing
Kathleen Klompien -- Writing Center
Luke Matjas -- Art
Jim Meriwether -- Chicana-o Studies, History
Brad Monsma -- English
Nancy Mozingo -- Biology, Biotechnology
Elizabeth Quintero -- Early Childhood Education
Claudio Paiva -- Economics and Business
Nitika Parmar -- Center for Integrative Studies
Sue Saunders -- Advising
Michael Soltys -- Computer Science, Information Technology
Kaia Tollefson -- VISTA Grant
Amy Wallace -- Facilitator

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