The Student Success Partnership is charged with responsibility for leading campus efforts in planning and measuring the effectiveness of strategies designed to lead to student success.


  • The partnership will have co-leads, Elizabeth Hartung acting for the Provost's Office and Academic Affairs, and Damien Peña acting for the Vice President for Student Affairs Office and Student Affairs.
  • The co-leads will each choose two or three additional members from their respective divisions to form a Steering Committee.


  • The co-leads will use relevant data from intelligent metrics to delineate areas where the campus needs more information or where qualitative or quantitative indicators suggest action should be taken to facilitate student success.
  • The Steering Committee will discuss issues related to authentic student access and success and convene task forces to address problems or to take advantage of opportunities.
  • Task-forces will be short-term, lasting no longer than one semester at the most, and will be comprised of people from across the campus who have an interest or expertise in the area being addressed. The task forces will report back to the steering committee with suggestions, recommendations, and/or proposals.
  • The co-leads will then report findings and suggestions back to the Provost and the Vice President for Student Affairs.


  • Through the use of both quantitative and qualitative data, the co-leads will frame the meaning of the suggestions and proposals by answering the following questions:
  • What is the story? (What is the issue/challenge/opportunity?)
  • Who interprets the story? (What are the data? What are the relevant anecdotes or verbal/written reports?)
  • Who hears the story? (Who needs to know about this?)
  • Who validates the story? (Who has the expertise to conduct further quantitative and qualitative research and come to conclusions? Generally, this will be the steering committee's responsibility.)
  • Who acts on the story? (Who is in a position to enact appropriate change?)
  • Who is accountable? (The co-leads and the Provost & Vice President of Academic Affairs and the Vice President of Student Affairs.)

Monthly Reports