Reinstatement Guidelines

Submission of Petition for Reinstatement and Documentation

Reinstatement Timelines and Filing Deadlines


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Reinstatement Guidelines

In order to be considered for reinstatement to CI, a disqualified student must demonstrate improvement in academic performance by completing additional coursework through Open University at CI, or at another institution. All classes taken must be applicable for degree credit at CI. After eliminating the grade-point deficiency, the student may petition the Academic Appeals Board for reinstatement.

Students seeking reinstatement must demonstrate improvement in academic performance. The recommended approach is to successfully complete coursework at CI through Open University (completing coursework at other institutions can be evidence of academic improvement, but will not improve a student’s GPA deficit in work required for graduation at CI). The Academic Appeal Board evaluates petitions to determine whether there has been sufficient academic improvement and whether the student has demonstrated that he or she is likely to graduate from CI if reinstated.

Students not granted reinstatement may reapply in future terms, but may not appeal decisions. Students who are disqualified, reinstated, and become disqualified a second time will not be granted a second reinstatement. Negative decisions by the Academic Appeals Board regarding reinstatement are final.

Submission of Petition for Reinstatement and Documentation

Complete the Online Petition for Reinstatement Here

The petition for reinstatement includes space to write your Appeal Letter, or you may upload a typewritten version (in Microsoft Word or PDF format only) using one of the upload links.  For helpful tips on writing your letter, please see this resource: Reinstatement Strategies and Guidelines for Appeal Letter (MS Word, 17.7KB).  Additional upload links are provided so that you may include unofficial transcripts for work completed outside of CSU Channel Islands, any college course work-in-progress, and any supporting documentation.

Reinstatement Timelines and Filing Deadlines:

Per the Policy on Reinstatement effective Fall 2016, disqualified students are eligible for admission and enrollment two complete regular semesters (one academic year) following their disqualification [SP 15-10 Policy on Reinstatement (MS Word, 135KB)]

The first important deadline is your readmission application, which comes before the Petition for Reinstatement deadline.  Please submit readmission applications via Cal State Apply noting the following timelines:

  • Readmission application for students applying for a Spring term: please submit via Cal State Apply, which opens August 1st and closes August 31st; NOTE: under “Eligible to Enroll,” do not check the box, instead indicate on Cal State Apply application your reason (e.g. "academically disqualified from CSU Channel Islands in Fall 2017," etc.)
  • Readmission application for students applying for a Fall term: please submit via Cal State Apply, which opens October 1st and closes November 30th; NOTE: under “Eligible to Enroll,” do not check the box, instead indicate on Cal State Apply application your reason (e.g. "academically disqualified from CSU Channel Islands in Spring 2018," etc.)

After filing your readmission application, please note the following Petition for Reinstatement deadlines that correspond to the semester of your academic disqualification:

  • For students academically disqualified in the Spring 2018 semester or earlier, the deadline to petition for reinstatement in Fall 2019 is May 3, 2019;
  • For students academically disqualified in Fall 2018, the deadline to petition for reinstatement in Spring 2020 is December 1, 2019. 

Sample Timeline Grid for Reinstatement after Disqualification (MS Word, 17.2KB)


Additional Resources:

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):

The Petition for Reinstatement form mentions a typewritten letter, what is this and how is it normally completed?

The letter for reinstatement is your opportunity to explain the circumstances of your disqualification and to demonstrate your subsequent academic progress to the Academic Appeals Board. It is typically 1-2 pages in length, typewritten in Microsoft Word (PDF files are also accepted). General topics may include (but are not limited to):

  • the circumstances leading to your disqualification
  • what has changed since you became disqualified
  • how you have improved your academic record since being away from CI
  • what you will do at CI in the future to maintain a good academic standing

Students should clearly and persuasively articulate their arguments for returning to CI.  Students should be aware that improvement in their CI GPA (generally to a level of 2.0 or higher) is a significant consideration for the committee.  Students need to provide appropriate documentation to support their claims.

Reinstatement Strategies and Guidelines for Appeal Letter (MS Word, 17.7KB)

The Petition for Reinstatement form also mentions supporting documentation, what are some examples of this?

When submitting your Petition for Reinstatement, be sure to include any supporting documentation that is relevant to the committee decision about your likelihood of success if you are permitted to return to CI.  Appropriate documentation may include letters or other documents from medical providers, other healthcare providers, counselors, or employers (including military), that explain circumstances related to your academic performance.  If you completed coursework at another institution during your time away from CI, please attach these transcripts.

After I submit my form, how long does it take to hear about my results?

Once all petitions for reinstatement are collected at the deadline, the Academic Appeals Board must review each appeal on a case-by-case basis. The student will be notified of the Board’s decision ahead of the semester they intend to be reinstated in. Please note that the Board’s decision is final and cannot be appealed.

Once I am notified of my results, what should I do afterwards, or whom do I contact if 1) my petition is successful or 2) my petition is unsuccessful?

You will be notified of your results via email to your myCI account from the Academic Appeals Board coordinator. 1) If your petition is successful, you will be reinstated on academic probation and will receive instructions to contact the Advising Center to remove any advising holds that may be placed on your record and to establish an academic plan and/or contract to ensure your success.  2) If your appeal is unsuccessful, you must make an appointment with the Advising Center to receive further guidance on how to raise your GPA, such as through coursework via Open University.

Where can I go for additional information?

The Advising Center offers a link that provides additional information about reinstatement to CI: - you can also refer to this link for any upcoming workshops that the Advising Center may be offering (e.g. "How to Get Reinstated").  Below is an additional presentation for your reference:

How to Get Reinstated: CI Advising Center Presentation (MS Powerpoint, 1.0MB)

What about post-baccalaureate and graduate reinstatement?

Previously disqualified students seeking reinstatement to any post baccalaureate or graduate program must apply for reinstatement to the University through the normal process and timelines identified on this page.

If approved by the Academic Appeals Board, students are granted conditional reinstatement to the University.  At that point post-baccalaureate and graduate students will have their application for reinstatement forwarded to the credential or graduate program for review and consideration.  Those programs may request additional information as part of the review process.   

Students may not re-enroll in courses within the credential or graduate program without readmission to those programs; if the student is not granted reinstatement at the program level, their conditional reinstatement is removed.  If they are granted reinstatement by the program, they may resume their enrollment in the program.  Programs may attach conditions to student reinstatement.  Please contact your specific program chair for more information on any conditions that may apply.

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