Diversity, Equity and Representation Matter at CI

Diversity is defined as individual (e.g., personality, language, learning styles and life experiences) and social (e.g., race, ethnicity, SES, gender, gender identity, sexual orientation, sexual identity, age, color, national origin, ability, military status, political and religious affiliations) differences that impact individuals, interpersonal relationships, institutional policies, and our CI Campus culture, values, norms, belief systems and behavioral patterns. Operationalizing the campus value of diversity requires an intentional and ongoing effort to make explicit and implicit biases visible and creating a culture that embraces diversity in all forms and at multiple levels:

  • Individually (personal responsibility within the individual dealing with implicit biases),
  • Interpersonally (relationships individuals have with each other),
  • Institutionally (within organizations created to structure society), and
  • Culturally (within the values, norms, belief systems, behavioral patterns, etc. of groups of people).

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