Q: How will I know if I have received the WUE tuition discount?

You will be notified by email after the Admissions Office reviews your final transcripts and determines that you meet the WUE eligibility requirements.

Q: Will I need to reapply for the WUE each year?

No, the WUE tuition is good for four years or until you graduate, whichever comes first. You do not need to reapply for the WUE scholarship for each of those four years you attend CSU Channel Islands. However, if you leave the University and do not complete a planned educational leave form, you would need to reapply to the program when you reapply to the University.

Q: What majors are not covered under the WUE program? 

Mechatronics Engineering, Pre-Nursing and Nursing majors are NOT covered under the WUE agreement.

Q: What if I want to become a California resident for tuition purposes?

WUE recipients must notify the Admissions Office in writing with any intent to withdraw from the program. Once you are granted a withdrawal from the program, you will then be able to start accruing time towards establishing California residency. Students cannot apply time accrued while participating in the WUE program to establish California residency. For information on residency, please visit http://www.csuci.edu/admissions/residency/.