Academic Programs and Planning has responsibility, working closely with University faculty and administrators, for developing and updating the campus academic master plan.  Our office facilitates the development and approval of new degrees, programs, and credentials, and coordinates academic planning with those offices engaged in enrollment management, assessment, and physical space planning.  We coordinate the activities of the Academic Planning Committee (APC), which is co-chaired with the faculty chair of the Curriculum Committee.

Reporting to the Provost,  our office interacts with several committees of the Academic Senate, including the curriculum committee and the general education committee on the review of new courses and modifications of degree requirements.  We assist the academic programs areas with relations with community colleges and schools on issues of articulation, course transfer, and facilitating degree completion.  The University's Articulation Officer is part of our organization.

Our office is responsible for the University Catalog and also administers the CSU Pre-Doctoral Program.  Please contact us if we can provide assistance.

Dr. Jennifer Perry
Special Assistant to the Provost for Academic Programs and Planning
Bell Tower West, Room 2175

Andrea Skinner
Curriculum Coordinator and APDB Coordinator
Bell Tower West, Room 2295

Janet Rizzoli
Academic Programs & Planning Articulation Officer
Bell Tower West, Room 2215

Blake Buller
Academic Programs & Planning  Assistant Articulation Officer
Bell Tower West, Room 2205

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