What We Do

The Dean of Students office supports all departments in the area of Campus Life; addresses issues that result in Student Conduct Code violations; supports the safety and well-being of the campus community by providing leadership to the Campus Assessment, Response and Evaluation Team; coordinates programs and services to support students experiencing basic need insecurities; actively engages with students to create and offer the appropriate support, guidance and resources; and identifies opportunities for students to develop personally and professionally. 


The CARE Team is a multidisciplinary partnership which consists of CSUCI faculty, staff, and administrators who evaluate and assess distressing and disturbing behaviors exhibited by students, coordinate and develop a centralized response to provide assistance and intervention for students of concern, and evaluate and monitor the ongoing related issue(s).

Basic Needs & Emergency Intervention Program

The purpose of the Basic Needs & Emergency Intervention (BNEI) program is to provide assistance to every student who is experiencing a ‘basic need’ insecurity (food, housing and/or financial assistance in times of dire need). The core services of the program are the Dolphin Pantry, emergency housing, and emergency grants.

Student Conduct

The purpose of Student Conduct at CSU Channel Islands is to uphold the standards of the University by holding students accountable to the Student Conduct Code. The Student Conduct program strives to address behavioral concerns in a fair and reasonable manner that supports the rights of a student and the University community.  Moreover, the program fosters student development by providing educational opportunities and sanctions that promote ethical behavior, civility and integrity.

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