Academic Dishonesty Policy

Per Executive Order 1098, Article III, Section L, cases involving academic dishonesty shall be handled by faculty members according to applicable Campus procedures. After action has been taken in any such case, the faculty member shall promptly notify the vice president for Student Affairs (or designee) and the student conduct administrator of the matter so that the circumstances of the misconduct can be considered in their totality.

A department's procedure for responding to cases of academic dishonesty is, by its nature, limited to the instance presented in a particular class. The Student Conduct Code process provides the Campus with an opportunity to consider the Student's entire circumstances, including whether the reported instance is part of a larger pattern of misconduct.

The University policy regarding Academic Dishonesty may be found at:

Reporting Academic Dishonesty

If a student commits an act of academic dishonesty please report the incident to the Dean of Students office via this online form
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