Report a Non-academic-related Incident

Report an Academic Dishonesty Incident

Report a CARE Concern

Report a Title IX, Discrimination,
Harassment, or Retaliation (DHR) Incident

Guide to Writing a Report (PDF, 128KB)

General Information

Presentation Requests

The Dean of Students office offers educational presentations on a variety of topics related to student conduct issues. These presentations may be catered to faculty, staff, and/or students pending on your need. The list below provides a sample of the presentation topics that our office may present on.

  • Dealing with difficult or disruptive students (30 min or 1 hour)
  • Academic Integrity (10 min to 1 hour)
  • Civility (1 hour)
  • Overview of the Student Conduct Process at CI (10 min to 1 hour)

Please contact us to schedule a presentation with us or call 805-437-8512.

Request to Check Student Disciplinary Standing

The Dean of Students office is responsible for maintaining student’s behavioral records at CI. All students must be in good disciplinary standing (not be placed on disciplinary probation) to represent the University. If you need to check if a student is in good standing for employment reasons or for a student who is interested in representing the University, please contact us.

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