Report a Non-academic-related Incident

Report an Academic Dishonesty Incident

Guide to Writing a Report (PDF, 128KB)

If you are unsure if an incident is a Student Conduct Code violation or if you experience any challenges submitting your incident report, please contact the Dean of Students office at or 805-437-8512. 

Reporting an Incident of Discrimination, Harassment or Retaliation

If you would like to report an incident of discrimination, harassment (including sexual harassment, sexual misconduct, dating and domestic violence and/or stalking) or retaliation, please report via the Title IX & DHR Reporting Form. For additional resources, please visit the Title IX and/or Inclusion websites.

Reporting a Student of Concern to the CARE Team

If you observe or are aware of a student who is experiencing a crisis, displaying odd or unusual behaviors, or engaging in other behaviors that may be perceived as being harmful or threatening, please report your concern to the CSU Channel Islands CARE Team. For more information about the University's CARE Team, please visit the CARE Team website

Emergency Situations

For emergency situations requiring police assistance, e.g., serious disruptions, crimes or where there is violence or the threat of violence, please call the CI Police Department at 805-437-8444 or 9-1-1.

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