The purpose of Student Conduct is to enforce the Student Conduct Code, hold students accountable to the standards of the University, and cultivate a culture of integrity at CI. The Dean of Students office staff provide a fair and equitable process by balancing the rights and responsibilities of the student and the campus community. Furthermore, the office fosters student development by creating educational opportunities that promote ethics, civility and character. Finally, the office serves as a resource to members of the campus community to support student success and a safe learning environment.


  • To provide consistent and equitable applications of the Student Conduct Code, relevant California State University executive orders, federal and state laws, and University policies that promote fairness, transparency and accountability for students
  • To collaborate with students, faculty and staff to develop and implement programs and activities that educate students on responsibility, integrity and civility
  • To connect students with available on-campus resources to facilitate student success and retention
  • To establish collaborative and purposeful sanctioning that fosters intellectual, ethical and personal development of students

Contact Information

Dean of Students office
Location: Bell Tower 2565
Telephone/V/TTY: 805-437-8512
Email: studentconduct@csuci.edu
Office Hours: Mon-Fri., 8:00 a.m. – 5:00 p.m.

Danielle Rae
Interim Student Conduct & CARE Administrator
Email: danielle.rae@csuci.edu

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