The Summer Bridge program was established in 2004 to provide an orientation to college life, review basic math, writing and study skills, and provide academic advisement to incoming EOP students. Through a residential program, Summer Bridge assists incoming freshmen with needed support as they prepare for the rigors of university work. Summer Bridge focuses on mathematical skills, creative reading and writing, study sessions and tutorials, and other activities that are part of the full Summer Bridge experience. Participants benefit from personalized attention, individualized instruction and accessibility to campus resources.

Program Goals

By the end of the Summer Bridge program students should be able to:

  • Smoothly transition from high school to college
  • Develop a greater self-awareness as student scholars
  • Develop a greater intellectual independence and critical thinking "habits of mind"
  • Develop a realistic understanding of the university-level course expectations
  • Begin to understand how human groups are culturally defined and redefined
  • Develop a greater understanding of inter-group relations

Program Expectations

  • EOP Summer Bridge is mandatory for all incoming EOP freshmen.
  • Students are expected to actively participate in discussions and complete all assignments in order to satisfactorily complete Summer Bridge.
  • Students are expected to work in groups to complete a writing/research project.
  • Continuing EOP students will work as peer mentors to coach incoming EOP freshmen students.
  • Students are expected to attend a writing workshop.
  • Students are expected to attend a math workshop.
  • Students are expected to understand the University's academic integrity policies.
  • Students are expected to form study groups to assist with preparing for and researching their projects.
  • Students are expected to present on their projects.

Upon admission to EOP at CI, students will be notified of the dates for Summer Bridge. EOP students will also be required to attend Island View Orientation the summer before the semester begins (dates to be determined).

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